We regret to inform our readers that the NLA.CO.UK have written the following which prevents any website or blog (NOT FACEBOOK OR TWITTER) to reproduce RSS feeds. With this in mind, rather than fight the greedy media or some company that has nothing better to do than bully small websites, we have decided to just press the delete button on the site. Hope you enjoyed the time choosing where you would like to read your Premier League News headlines. We did supply links back to the source but apparently that is not good enough unless you are a billionaire who can afford to give the rich media some more money. This is the threatening email from the NLA.CO.UK.. Dear Sir or Madam NLA media access is owned by the UK national newspaper publishers and has been appointed to manage a copyright infringement prevention service and either license or request compliance by those companies reproducing copyright material owned by those publishers. See: http://www.nlamediaaccess.com/default.aspx?tabid=221 It has been brought to our attention that you are reproducing article[s] sourced from the following publisher’s (or publishers’) website[s] www.dailymail.co.uk on your domain http://plnews.co.uk. According to our records, no licence has been granted for the use of this material, so we would politely request that you review this content and confirm to us by return whether you have secured a reproduction licence or written permission to publish this / these article[s] on your website prior to publication from Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL) If you are able to confirm this, we would be grateful if you could send us (as an attachment) a copy of the relevant documentation or correspondence relating to your permission correspondence or reproduction licence. However, if you do not have such documentation, we request that you immediately remove or disable access to any current and archived webpage[s], and contact us by return email to regularise future use of this material. Please be mindful of the fact that if you wish to reproduce articles in full or in part, from whatever source, you need to secure the prior, written approval of the copyright owner, their publisher, or their agent. Failure to do so may involve legal action. We would be happy to provide usage examples for your review. We would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this email and come back to us with any relevant documentation within 10 days from initial receipt date of this email. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Yours faithfully, Copyright Infringement NLA media access Switchboard: 020 7332 9350 16-18 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6AG | Registered in England and Wales | Company number 3003569 www.nla.co.uk This is what is going on in the world today and probably at the expense of the tax payers money. Media companies are highly rich and highly protected by companies such as the NLA.CO.UK. I suggest you all avoid the DailyMai*.co.uk bunch of ass holes with shit news anyway! ;)